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Hi, my name is Valerie Doyle, I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and the founder of Matters of the Heart Counseling Centers. I am focused on helping you overcome life’s toughest challenges so that can live and love to the fullest. 


People often seek out therapy when any of the following (not limited to the list below) situations are present:

  • When you can shake off the sadness and the tears won’t stop flowing.

  • When you keep choosing the same kind of person who predictably breaks their heart.

  • When giving life to your voice seems impossible

  • When the person you committed to love forever is now a roommate

  • When you have lost hope and believe nothing will ever change

  • When you are accused of having anger issues

  • When you sacrifice your needs over the needs of others—all the time

  • When your secrets dominate your thought life and shame you into silence and isolation

  • When shopping, drugs, alcohol, food or sex cannot numb the pain

  • When your dreams don’t manifest into reality.

  • When the lump in your throat and the tightness in your chest does not lift

  • When toxicity is the only support you know.

  • When you worry about everything and everybody.

  • When you are paralyzed by fear

  • When getting out of bed and taking a shower is too much to ask

  • When expectations only produce disappointment

  • When every conversation turns into an argument

  • You wish you would not wake up

  • I’ve been working with individuals, couples and groups since 2005 (14 years). I take my personal and professional growth very serious in order to help my clients have the best outcomes possible. Most people will say that I am very warm, genuine, serious about the work of healing and funny.

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It might be time.


  • Imagine being able to manage a loss in your life and deal with all of the emotions instead of stuffing them or running from them. 

  • Imagine being able to recognize the red flags of someone who is not right for you

  • Imagine being able to speak your truth in love to your loved ones, friends and professional relationships

  • Imagine being able to reignite your passion and love

  • Imagine having your hope restored because you chose to embrace a different perspective and give it another try

  • Imagine not exploding over the smallest things

  • Imagine being able to set healthy boundaries for yourself

  • Imagine silencing the negative thoughts and stopping the cycle of despair

  • Imagine confronting your fears

  • Imagine having a new way to communicate your deepest thoughts and be heard

  • Imagine receiving love in a reciprocal, mutually loving relationship

  • Imagine releasing the pain you have buried for decades

  • Imagine your heart being open to life and love

I must also add that there are risk and benefits in committing to the therapy process. We will discuss some unpleasant aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness and helplessness. There are tears and laughter in therapy. Psychotherapy has also been shown to have benefits for people who go through it and often leads to better relationships, solutions to specific problems and significant reductions in feelings of distress. But there are no guarantees of what you will experience. I am very collaborative in my work with clients. I can help guide you, but you must be willing to do the work.

Depending on the goals we identify, I offer a strength based and integrative therapy approach that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches that are evidenced based to meet your needs.

I have advanced training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, DBT, Complex Trauma, Family Systems, John Gottman, expressive arts and Attachment based Theories. I am also a doctoral student working on my final project.

I am both a psychotherapist and a transformation coach. A quality that defines my practice is the ability to help people feel accepted and able to open up to share and explore what is in their heart and mind. It takes courage and strength to embrace healing, to create change, to experience deeper intimacy, to grow personally and spiritually. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and serving you and/or your family. In collaboration with you, we will work together to get to the root of your struggle, resolve any roadblocks and using proven principles and techniques to help you develop the skills to create both the life and relationships you desire.

Therapy is a gift to yourself.
Is this your time? Thank you for reading my bio and I look forward to meeting you soon.