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A Little About Me

Un Poco Sobre Mi


Hello everyone.  My name is Jessica Gomez Grimm and I am a Bilingual Spanish - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  I have been in the healing profession for the last 14 years.  I believe part of our foundation to resiliency, wellness and INNER PEACE is the STORY we tell ourselves.  I help people find their powerful and loving STORY. 


Starting Therapy is a journey full of discovery, discomfort, joy and sorrow.  It takes so much courage to be “Real” with yourself and allow all the feelings and thoughts unravel so that they can become our teachers instead of our enemies.  Counseling treatment can assist and guide You in transforming You into your vision of what well-being looks like.  It’s going to take some grit and a commitment to yourself to benefit from counseling but with evidenced based treatment, your commitment to yourself and learning healthy solutions to manage life’s challenges, you will find you will be in a better relationship with yourself, your loved ones and beyond.   


Now is the time to work on that compassion fatigue you have been feeling, or that sense of “something doesn’t feel right in my life” moment. 


I have been a psychotherapist and life coach for Individuals, Groups & Couples. I have led groups for Life’s Transitions, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Healthy Relationships.  I have training and experience practicing EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gottman Couples Counseling, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, Reality Therapy, Holistic Christian based Counseling, and Therapy through the Arts & Literature. 


I am a proud Mother and Wife in a blended Latino-Caucasian Family and understand how difficult it can be balancing the many roles many parents take on. 


My recent specialties have been working with Active-Duty Military & Veterans & their Families for various reasons (PTSD, Deployment Stress, Loneliness, Family, acculturation to the Military Lifestyle, Military Spouse Support etc.).  I also worked closely with the Sexual Assault and Prevention Team in the Military and provided group and therapy services for sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.


I was part of a base wide campaign with the United States Marine Corps on stomping out stigma for seeking Therapy and getting the support we all may need at some point in our lives. 


I will work with you in identifying goals and will individually tailor the treatment plan with your thoughts and collaboration.  I offer a teaching approach with interactive tools and some humor and compassion.


Please reach out to me if you ever would like a Confidential Counselor to talk to.

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