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  My science-base approach is compassionate, genuine, and kind. With my clients I always strive to communicate understanding first while my attentive listening naturally blends with providing a feedback, which serve one basic goal - to restore your emotional vitality and well-being.

  My ten-year clinical experience has been in providing services in a wide range of clinical settings: private outpatient clinics, county mental health agencies, schools, and forensic settings. I maintain my private practice in Palo Alto, CA since 2007, and with many affiliations, I am a familiar member of the Bay Area's psychotherapists community. I was a Co-Chair at SFCP Clinical Psychotherapy Forum held at Stanford Psychiatry Department during 2014-2017.

  Before launching into the extensive, twenty-year long study in counseling psychology, my background included a master’s degree in history; studies on global events of the modern history at its intersection with cultural world in the beginning of the twentieth century. My background also included working in a large corporation in telecommunication industry. I use my diverse knowledge in science, culture, and communication to serve my client’s goals in helping them to improve life.

  I only use approaches that were rigorously tested and found to be effective to treat a variety of emotional and relational problems with specializations in: relationship building, stress regulation, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and couples therapy for high-conflict couples.