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I am therapist with multiple intersecting identities; a fat, Latinx (light skin privilege), queer, cis-woman dedicated to holding sacred space for my clients and developing healing connections.

I believe in the strength of individuals to heal themselves and abandon intergenerational trauma, pain, and cycles of abuse. 

I want to create a space for you to feel, heal, grieve, and increase joy. 


My approach values collaboration by helping you establish positive habits, boundaries, and ways of thinking.  By listening, witnessing, and being present I will support you on your journey to self-understanding and self-acceptance.    


My work is trauma-informed with a focus on intersectional identity, social justice, and affirmative therapy approaches.  If you are currently navigating crisis, depression, trauma-symptoms, anxiety, or grief that life brings I can be a  guide to help validate and manage your feelings and experience.  I have extensive experience serving Queer and BIPOC young adults, individuals, and families.  In my work I will acknowledge any experienced systemic oppression of trauma that has led to your erasure.   


I look forward to finding individualized ways to support you.  It will be an honor to watch you living your truth and finding peace.  

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