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My friendly, courteous, and calm disposition will offer a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment conducive for psychotherapy. I strive to ensure my patients feel safe and welcome when they come to their session weekly. I provide and I strive to maintain a good therapeutic alliance with my patients which my patient feels safe and welcome to do the hard work of psychotherapy needed to ensure the maximum growth and healing is achieved for the patient.

I have 33 years of expertise treating a wide range of diagnostic and ethnically diverse patients. I strive to find the best theoretic orientation that works best with the individuality of each patient. Some of the issues that I specialize in treating are grief, loss, transgender adjustment, anxiety, depression, bipolar, LGBTQ relationships, anger, grief, loss, stress, and trauma.

I use a client centered approach to ensure that the agreed upon treatment strategy is supportive and effective.

During your intake session I conduct a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment for a wholistic view of the patient’s strengths and needs. This phase is seconded by collaborative treatment planning stage. In this stage we will develop and clarify treatment goals, and mechanisms for achieving these goals. Along with how we will measure the treatments effectiveness. My treatment planning phases will highlight the approach’s such as EMDR, CBT, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, problem solving approach or supportive therapy and what theoretic orientation that is used to achieve the goals.

I defer to the most effective treatment orientation depending on the patient’s presenting concerns. This means that sometimes I will use an eclectic approach involving two or more theoretical orientations.

In my years of clinical practice, I have noticed the following themes amongst my patients who are experiencing depression, depression anxiety and stress related disorders.  Feeling of isolation, looniness sadness, fears, negative emotions, and anxiousness.

Given the key role I perform in the treatment process I consider it important to ensure that the therapy session provide a safe, open, welcoming, atmosphere conducive for the patient. I believe that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is crucial in promoting open communication, to foster change and healing. I believe in empathically engaging with the patient in the treatment process in order to promote change.

The therapeutic alliance provides an honest, open non-judgmental, reassuring environment for my patients to seek professional counseling. Every person will be treated with the dignity and respect regards of their stresses and struggles. My interactions in the session with the patient in the session will include but is not limited to careful active listening, reflect content, articulate an appreciation of the patient’s time and participation, encouraging the patient’s participation in treatment planning, inquiring about the patient’s expectations of therapy and openly discussing possible barriers to treatment. Reviewing client’s progress and satiation with treatment. It’s very important. To me the that I be self-aware with ongoing ability to make my biases


I am humbled and honored that my patient’s show me their true authentic self and they struggle to overcome some of their biggest tragedies, losses, grief and successes.

My life philosophy is every person can overcome their greatest hurdles with the support and a collaborative treatment process. My life roles include but are not limited to: life partner of 30 years, grateful member of the LGBTQA?  Community and loving mom to many fur children, teacher and honored guide to people searching for the answers they already have.

I choose the mental health profession as a chance to give back what has freely been given to me. What I love most about being a therapist is helping people find the answers they already have inside themselves.

I have been in practice 32 years, and I am trained in TYF_CBT, CBT, Mindfulness, relaxation, trauma focused studies for adults and soon I will complete my certification as an EMDR therapist.  I enjoy working with patients struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and treatment of people with bipolar disorder.

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