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Confronting Your Abandoment Fears

Updated: May 13, 2019

Dealing with Abandonment (Offered every two months on a Sunday afternoon (2p.m.- 4p.m.) Workshop Description: This workshop will help you identify repetitive relationship challenges and provide guidance on how to break these patterns. We all bring to our relationships aspects of our past that continue to show up and impact our ability to fully experience life and love. I specialize in dealing with Issues of Abandonment. Perhaps you grew up in a single parent family, maybe they were there, but not really there, you have an estranged relationship with your mother or father. If you tend to avoid intimacy, please, vacillate, control or become the victim, I can help you move beyond these defensive behaviors.

(Workshop dates: July 14, September 22, November 11, 2019). Light refreshments will be served.

Workshop Cost: $75.00 (Limited to 5 People)

Register on the website:

Workshop Presenter: Valerie Doyle, MA LMFT


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